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Tuition Fees are to be paid in five instalments (June, August, October, December and February).

Tuition Fee details of 2018-2019(subject to periodical revision)

K.G. Section

3,840/- per instalment

Classes I – IV

4,440/- per instalment

Classes V – VII

4,800/- per instalment

Classes VIII & IX

5,120/- per instalment

Class X

5,340/- per instalment

Classes XI & XII

6,400/- per instalment

Concession on Merit

Students who score A1 in all subjects in the CBSE class X examination are given a 50% concession in the tuition fee of class XI. Students who score A2 along with A1 are granted a 30% concession and those who score A1 or A2 in the subjects they opt for in class XI are given a concession of 20% in the tuition fee of class XI. Concession of tuition fee will be extended to class XII only if the students maintain the same standard of performance in class XI.

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