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Education is not merely what one learns; it is what one does with the acquired knowledge. It is important to realize what one is capable of and even more vital to know how one can use these capabilities to leave behind a brighter and better world. Hagia Sophia Public School envisages this. School being the second home, we ensure that each child discovers and rediscovers himself/herself here. The school prepares the students for the real world by expanding their thoughts and providing a global outlook.Hagia Sophia Public School is designed for students from diverse backgrounds to grow scholastically, acquire a complete holistic development, get involved in the community and have a fruitful educational experience. The plethora of activities the students engage in encourages active thinking, discipline and cultured minds. This enables them to value what is theirs and appreciate what is different. Understanding that each child is a positive asset and a precious natural resource, the management and the faculty take every step to enable vibrant and dynamic learning and leave no stone unturned to nurture the potential and uniqueness in every student. We aim to mould the students such that they may soar high and become worthy, responsible and proactive citizens of the nation.With an exciting and innovative building complex, that combines utility and symmetry, housed in a green, unpolluted locale, Hagia Sophia Public School continues to grow steadily, with the abundant blessings from Lord Almighty, never resting on its laurels, but rising to the challenges and making the most of the opportunities that will help the school carve a niche for itself in the globalized scenario of the 21st century.

 With warm regards
Susan Liju Ipe

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